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Welcome to the journey of becoming a Geometry Genius! By definition, geometry is the branch of mathematics concerned with the properties and relations of points, lines, surfaces, and solids. This year we will be covering eight units including topics like rigid motions, coordinate geometry, and circles.

Materials Needed for Class

1-Inch Binder - color based on class period
2nd and 5th - black binder
3rd and 6th - red binder
4th and 7th - blue binder

Binder Dividers (10)

Loose Leaf and Graph Paper

Protractor and Compass


Your Grade

The grading system for the geometry department consist of 3 categories.

Assignments (Classwork and Homework) 40%
Quizzes 25%
Tests/Projects 35%

The lowest grade in each category (except tests/projects) will be dropped. A dropped grade will show up in the gradebook differently than other grades. Once the grade has been dropped it is no longer factored into the grade for that category - it's as if it never happened. The dropped grade is always the lowest grade in the category and could possibly change throughout the quarter. If a student has a perfect score in the category, their dropped grade will be an assignment which received a 100%. Dropped grades will never have a negative effect on the students overall class grade. 

Year Overview

Unit 1: Rigid Motion
Unit 2: Proving Congruence: Lines, Angles, and Triangles
Unit 3: Coordinate Geometry
Unit 4: Triangle and Parallelogram Relationships
Unit 5: Similarity Proofs
Unit 6: Right Triangle Geometry
Unit 7: Extending to 3-Dimensions
Unit 8: Circles
EOC Review
Algebra 2 Preview

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